I am Lexi Glenn, inventor of the Pumponator®. I want to thank all of you that have tried my product this past summer. I really appreciate all the support and emails that I have received! I do want to make you all aware, that because the Pumponator® is such a great item that there are big companies out there trying to steal it from me.  None of these companies had the idea, I had the idea and now because they are already selling to big retail stores, they are pushing me aside. Why is this fair in our country for someone to try and take this from me, a 10 year old 5th grader. For all these years no one came up with a better idea for filling water balloons until I did. I hope that if you see an item that copied me on the shelves of the big stores that you will not buy it.  My product is the Original Pumponator®. Any other water balloon pump is a copy of my Pumponator®. Please help me stop this from happening.
Lexi Glenn
A note from Team Pumponator:
It is important to remember that nothing like the Original Pumponator® has ever been on the market before. The Original Pumponator® is a ground-breaking toy, and any product with a copy-cat appearance and/or an attempt at similar functionality could be mistaken for an Original Pumponator®. It is very important to us here at Pumponator to protect the integrity of the Original Pumponator® brand, trademark, reputation and what it means to the public. We want to thank all our customers and retailers for their support of Lexi and her invention. Thanks!!