We bought a pumponator last summer in NC and it has provided HOURS of entertainment for our boys. Last week, in the interest of time (and because I haven't seen them in our new state of NJ) I bought an imposter at a local store. Boy, what a difference. The pumponator works SO MUCH BETTER, fills the balloons faster and feels much sturdier than the other product. I was surprised that there would be any difference between the two, but, boy was there ever. Thanks for such a fun, great product. -Wendy 5-19-12

Lexi, What a cool idea. We were able to use it to fill balloons up with gelatin and even ketchup! It raised food fights to a whole new level. Nothing like squeezing ketchup out of your hair. Had a great time. -Mike 4-8-12

WOW Donna!!
You really put a HUGE smile on my little boys face yesterday!!!!  He was SOOOOO excited! He played with them for HOURS when we got in last night, like it was a brand new toy, all over again!!
So FEW people actually follow through on their word and I just wanted you to know how MUCH I appreciate you sending the pumponators so fast and sending the additional bottom and extra balloons!!
Truly OUTSTANDING customer service! 
I tell everyone about this toy anyway, but will follow with this story as well!!

I believe this wil be the new craze in safe toys.  I pray for much success as more and more people become aware of this toy.  
Rock Hill, SC
These PUMPONATORS are the best things for kids, no more ruining water balloons.  I hope that you succeed in this darling. Its amazing how you thought of this.
York, SC
He loves his pumponator!!! This is the best toy I have seen in a long time. I am a mother of 4 boys...they are 4, 6 and 8... and can do this by themselves and that is the best part!! They love water balloons...but me and dad hated fighting the hoses and ending up wet. Lexi, you have created a wonderful invention that will rise to the top of the toy list. My boys got their pumponators at SummerFest and have not stopped playing with them since. They use the air for balloons just as much as water...they love throwing them in the air and try to catch them before they hit the floor.
We were trying to take a family picture and my little one was mad at me for making him put his pumponator down to get in the picture.You should see the look on his face in the picture...he was not happy! I have seen a lot of toys and have purchased a lot of toys...but I have to say this is the best investment I've made. 
Way to Go Lexi!!
Michelle Carpenter
York, SC