Remember that the Pumponator® is designed to be easy! It will not be hard to pump up, and when pumping 7 or 8 times you will feel little (if any) resistance. This is not a problem!! If you keep pumping past the recommended amount (until you feel more resistance) you are over pumping and creating too much pressure. You risk ruining your Pumponator®, which would be no fun at all. Do not over pump as overpumping may cause container to crack or break. Always pump with the Pumponator® on a solid surface such as a table or the ground, and not in your lap or holding under your arm.
Before filling a water balloon, give the balloon 2-3 stretches. Then the balloon will fill easier and hang from the nozzle properly while filling.
The PUMPONATOR® is a compression pump. To work properly the water and/or air are "sealed" inside. 
The large O-Ring must NOT be removed from the top of the Pumponator®. You cannot close and seal the Pumponator® without it.
The top must be screwed on straight and snug.  If it is not completely closed, air may leak out and the Pumponator® may not pressurize.
The nozzle should also be securely screwed on to the top of the Pumponator®. Do not attempt to remove or modify the nozzle tip.
With all the openings securely tightened the Pumponator® can compress the air/water to fill your balloons. 
When filling air balloons (regular or twisty), hold the Pumponator® nozzle where the balloon is attached when you press the lever. If you don't, the burst of air into the balloon can cause your balloon to fly off the Pumponator®. We will gladly claim responsibility for any fun you may have "accidentally" shooting balloons off your Pumponator®! Have fun with your Pumponator®!!