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Tips For Using The Pumponator®

The ONLY Balloon Pump on the market with a pressure release valve because Pumponator® is determined to always be the best, most innovative, and the safest. DIRECTIONS: Unscrew top, empty contents. Fill 3/4 full with water. Replace top & tighten, tighten nozzle so tie tool is up to right of nozzle. Place balloon over nozzle & pump 8-10 times to pressurize. Press lever to fill balloon. TIE BALLOON: 1) With balloon on nozzle, swing filled balloon under to left side then over tie tool and down on right. 2) Pull balloon tip off nozzle, pull neck up through tool opening and 3) drop balloon tip inside. 4) Pull balloon off tie tool in steady forward motion to finish knot. For air balloons use empty Pumponator®. Do not leave in direct sunlight for extended period of time.

If your Pumponator works for air balloons but not with water, make sure the thin tube inside is present and connected. Your Pumponator has 2 tubes, the large plunger tube and a thin tube that carries the water to the nozzle. Unscrew top, turn upside down. Thin tube should be inserted firmly in hole beside the large tube. If it came out and got lost, please email us at customerservice@pumponator.com and we will mail you a replacement tube (free).

Remember that the Original Pumponator® is designed to be easy! It will not be hard to pump up, and when pumping 7 or 8 times you will feel little (if any) resistance. This is not a problem!! If you keep pumping past the recommended amount (until you feel more resistance) the extra air (or water if filled over the level of the valve) will escape through the pressure release valve.

Do not over-pump on older model Pumponators® as you risk ruining your Pumponator®, which would be no fun at all. Over-pumping may cause container to crack or break. Always pump with the Pumponator® on a solid surface such as a table or the ground, and not in your lap or holding under your arm. We recommend you update your Pumponator® to the newest model.

Before filling a balloon, give the balloon several stretches. Then the balloon will fill easier and water balloons will hang from the nozzle properly while filling. The Pumponator® is a compression pump. To work properly the water and/or air are "sealed" inside. The large O-Ring must NOT be removed from the top of the Pumponator®. You cannot close and seal the Pumponator® without it.

The top must be screwed on straight and snug. If it is not completely closed, air may leak out and the Pumponator® may not pressurize. The nozzle should also be securely screwed on to the top of the Pumponator®. Do not attempt to remove or modify the nozzle. With all the openings securely tightened the Pumponator® can compress the air/water to fill your balloons. For large balloons such as the 9" and 12" balloons, LED balloons or Punch Ball balloons, put the balloon opening over the large balloon holder on the Pumponator® nozzle. This will hold the balloon while you fill it. When filling smaller air balloons (such as twisty balloons), you may need to hold the Pumponator® nozzle where the balloon is attached when you press the lever. If you don't, the burst of air into the balloon may cause your balloon to fly off the Pumponator®. We will gladly claim responsibility for any fun you may have "accidentally" shooting balloons off your Pumponator®! Have fun with your Pumponator®!!

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